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What kind of urban artist are you?

Mens, Ladies and Kids Footwear


On the cutting-edge of fashion

UrbanArt is more than just a brand. We stand for individuality, bravery and standing out from the crowd. With the right pair of shoes on your feet, we believe there is nothing you can’t accomplish.

Obsessed with the latest fashion trends, our designers are always up to date with what’s hot in the world.

We bring international trends to the shores of South Africa, offering iconic styles to fit your style and your budget.

UrbanArt is so much  more than just a streetwear brand.

Urbanart has products as diverse as the brand itself, because we understand that a brand doesn’t necessarily mean the same thing to everyone.

Our set includes Urbanart shoes, belts and clothing, UBRT sneakers, a range of designer jeans and bags.

Wearable Art

Set a Trend

Shoes to change the world in

Fashion First Footwear

The UrbanArt Collection








Stand Up.
  Stand Out.

What Kind of Urban Artist are you?

Footwear Styles

No matter if you’re a sneaker head, a boots lover or someone looking to make a statement, UrbanArt shoes have a style for you. With mesh sneakers, trendy boots, dad sandals and more, your perfect pair is just a click away.

Kids, Mens and Ladies Sneakers

Express your individuality with the latest sneakers from Urban Art.

Casual Mens Shoes

Dress to impress with UrbanArt’s casual mens shoes. With a variety of styles, you’re bound to find your perfect fit.

Mens Boots

Stand out from the crowd with UrbanArt’s range of iconic boots for men.


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