What’s With the HYPE!?

Urbanart | HYPE01WAXYELM_3

How about getting your sneakers dirty…? In the most creative and artistic way, of course! Breathe some colourful life into your wardrobe with the paint-splattered HYPE sneakers.

We’re loving this super fun look inspired by streetwear and vibrant paint splatters from paintbrushes. It’s the return of an 80’s fashion trend and we were not going to let it fly under our radar, nope!

We brought these back, because you all love them as much as we do. So, grab them while you still can and add these chunky sneakers to just about any of your outfits and stay trendy this season.

Shop the HYPE sneakers at any DC.ONE outlet or through the DC.ONE online store.

Search: HYPE 1

Colours Available: Yellow | Red | Blue

Price: R599

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