Life off the Pitch

Urbanart is the brand that offers their consumers a unique way to express themselves through fashion and aesthetic, offering their fans and consumers a wide selection of clothing, footwear and bags that are just as diverse as they are cool. This year the Urbanart family decided to branch out into stadiums and get on the field with some of SA’s upcoming soccer stars. With a desire to integrate our brand into the urban culture and lifestyle surrounding soccer. Just as our What Kind of Urban Artist Are You campaign focuses on nurturing and giving a platform to Urban Artists, we wanted to give recognition to soccer as a beloved national sport. So, we paired up with Wayne Sandilands and Zakhele Lepasa to take us through the dribbles, the sprints and the various kicking styles as a natural talent, a developed skill and show us exactly what makes football so much fun! While we exposed them to our expertise in the realm of fashion, and how it can be could be used to express your individuality.

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