Urban Art Zakhele Style Guide

Urbanart is a cutting-edge brand that prides itself on being a symbol of self-expression, individualism and uniqueness. And we just love to keep my finger on the beat of what’s current and trending throughout our nation, but while the new often captures our attention, we’re looking to the past now. Our communities and nation has always had a soft spot for the incredible game of soccer, from the streets of the townships to some of the world’s most beautiful stadiums. With the 2018 Russia World Cup closing on such a powerful note, we’ve found that our love for the beautiful game has been rekindled. While our brand seeks to tell and share the stories of true urbanites and follow the adventures of city dwellers and adventurers, while now we’re ensuring we include sportsman into that category. Which is why we had to pair up with Zakhele Lepasa, the up-and-coming footballer whose style and down to earth persona had us falling head over heels. He was kind enough to take us on a tour of his neighbourhood, as well as giving us an insight into his stylish habits and the looks he loves. In a video lookbook he tells us about his life as a football player and the similarities between trying to succeed as a soccer player and trying to succeed as an artist in a South African context. Zakhele walked us through his development and growth, explaining how being in touch with his roots and where he comes from, inspires him to do better and strive to be the best.

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